Upcycled jean bags

I’ve been collecting worn out jeans for a while now. They’re all frayed, super soft, stitched up and mended in places, and just crying out to be repurposed. I challenged myself to use every single inch of the jeans—zip, pockets, waistband, hems—in various projects. The scissors came out and I busily deconstructed about 6 pairs.


Then for the fun bit! First up were the clutch bags.
I created a few samples (for me!) and decided the 3 designs I would concentrate on first, and offer in my Etsy store, were Stars and Stripes – Union Jack – and a stripy composition. Loving the tattered edges of the denim, I incorporated them into the patterns. I added a little pocket here and there, introduced more texture with metal zippers…and who knew, threadbare seams and waistbands can look very fancy indeed?

For the finishing touches, I riffled through my boxes of vintage treasures and selected some lovely old wooden beads to attach to the zippers. 







Each bag is unique and embraces the imperfections of old denim. These simple shabby chic purses are perfect for the summer and will look fabulous with any casual outfit!






I love upcycling fabric for all my creations, and denim has got to be up there as one of my favorites. Now to look in my closet to see if there are any more jeans to retire to my studio:-)

Stay cool 🙂make-art-life-blog-Maria

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