A rice bag fit for a party!

We’re going to a fancy party this weekend. Our friend has reached the big 5-0! After making sure my favorite dress still fits (yay! It did! It’s been a bit of a feast this Christmas with way too many mince pies, Christmas cake, and wine), I decided this was the perfect opportunity to design a new purse to go with it. This actually ticks another box too…I’m ready to create a new sewing kit and I think this sweet bag will be perfect. It’s so impressive to look at while being pretty easy to make and there’s the opportunity to embellish and add your own personal touches. Perfect!

So here it is…my Japanese-style rice bag or Komebukuro. From my stash of reclaimed designer fabrics, I chose different silks for an elegant evening bag. In typical Maria fashion, it’s a collection of patterns, all brought together by using a common color palette, with a little sashiko stitching.

Coming soon will be a tutorial and in my store, there will be a kit where I’ll share some of my gorgeous textiles and detailed instructions. Watch this space!








Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s fabulous!!



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