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Little Works of Art—Boro coaster tutorial


When I started to put these modern little squares of fabric art together, they were destined to be coasters. The trouble is, the thought of covering them up with a mug seems sad, so maybe I’ll hang them on the wall instead:-) But anyway, they are a lovely slow-stitching project, and like so many of…

Upcycled jean bags


I’ve been collecting worn out jeans for a while now. They’re all frayed, super soft, stitched up and mended in places, and just crying out to be repurposed. I challenged myself to use every single inch of the jeans—zip, pockets, waistband, hems—in various projects. The scissors came out and I busily deconstructed about 6 pairs.…

The devil is in the details


Welcome to our corner of the World Wide Web. It’s all new and shiny and I’m loving being able to offer my stylish one-of-a-kind purses and accessories to the world! Please pop into my Etsy store to see what happens when an illustrator brings together unique color combinations, exquisite patterns, and fabulous textures to create…