Feeling autumnal

This is my favorite time of the year. Mostly for the colors. All those gorgeous hues of rich reds and burnt orange. I love that the California sun has lost some of its ferocity and there’s, fingers crossed, rain on the horizon. I can’t stop smiling as we drive past fields of pumpkins near Half Moon Bay, and the front porches in my neighborhood are a feast for the eyes, a harvest festival of gourds of all shapes and sizes.


My own front porch, complete with orange lovelies. And my gorgeous wine cork wreath. Yeah, we like the red stuff😜



Our dining room is the perfect color for fall. I collected moss-covered twigs from a local country park for the dining table arrangement.




Out and about with Mark, Ruby, and Mr. Pickles (out of shot, probably sniffing) foraging for good-looking twigs.



So all these spectacular colors lead me to what I’m making at the mo. I gave myself the challenge to not only put a dent in my stash of deluxe rescued fabrics but to whittle down all the scraps of the aforementioned material. I just can’t face throwing them away! Does this make me a hoarder…probably? What transpired were some gorgeous colorful new purses made from silk, cotton, linen, and denim, and cute pom-pom zipper pulls I felted using coordinating wool roving. They’re available in my Etsy store, but I’d just like to keep them all, to be honest☺️










Sorry if it’s a bit early for Yuletide chat, but something else I’ve been creating are wooly fuzzy Christmas trees. These cuties are stacked concentric circles of upcycled sweaters and wool fabric samples sat upon slices of wood from our recently trimmed trees (thanks Mark) and topped with a rusty barn-style metal star. These cozy decorations are also for sale in my store






Anyway, time to go walking with the scruffy duo. There are piles of leaves to crunch through and glorious colors to feast our eyes on. Don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, being a Brit living in California, but Happy Fall Y’all!

Stay cozy,


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